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  • Today's Best Speakers

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    Kathy Parry

    Corporate Energy Expert

    Kathy works with maxed-out, stressed-out, burned-out professionals to refuel their lives for career success
    Tel: (412) 427-1137

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    Stephana Johnson

    Leadership, Resilience, Results

    Stephana specializes in working with Powerhouse Leaders to revitalize without compromise.

    Tel: (360) 210-2160

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    Susan Robertson

    Innovation, Strategy, Culture

    Susan delivers strategic innovation projects, helps leaders lead change, and presents "design thinking" sessions
    Tel: (407) 221-4592

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    Susan Scanland, CSP

    Dementia, Elder Financial Exploitation

    Susan has deep expertise in the implications of dementia for financial services institutions, attorneys, and healthcare
    Tel: (570) 586-0655

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    Donn LeVie Jr.

    Leadership, Influence, Career Success

    Donn's high energy, high-content programs include Presence-Driven Leadership and EPIC Results

    Tel: (512) 797-3035

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    Kristie Stocker

    Leadership and Growth for Accounting Firms

    Kristie transforms your partners, staff and team into excuse-breaking, fear-crushing, goal-exceeding achievers.
    Tel: (586) 764-1647

  • Clients Rave!

    "If you are looking for a speaker that leaves people wanting to make positive behavior changes, then look no further! Kathy’s high energy presentation was incredible."

    -- Michelle McDermott, Sr. VP of HR, Assurance

    "Kristie's program was definitely worth it. I’m already thinking of people who should attend this session."

    -- Dawnyale Jones, Provider Relations, United Healthcare

    "Stephana was amazing! She inspires you in realizing the full potential that you have as an individual and as a leader, that you might not see so readily yourself."

    -- Sabrina Lamberson, Senior Director, WineShop at Home

    "For any bank considering a speaker on aging or Alzheimer’s, I HIGHLY recommend Susan Scanland. She will amaze you with her expertise and professionalism. Your seminar will receive rave reviews from customers. They will appreciate what your bank has given them."

    -- Nancy Miller, VP Private Banking, Horizon Bank

    "With her keynote at our annual Customer Conference, Susan Robertson hit the trifecta of powerful, practical, and applicable. She taught us robust tools that we could immediately apply to enhance our capacity for innovation. The energy and buzz from our guests about this program was remarkable. If you’re looking for an engaging, knowledgeable, and dynamic speaker or consultant for innovative thinking, Susan is it.

    -- Bill Lucia, President & CEO, HMS Health Systems

    "Donn LeVie provides the most comprehensive professional advancement guidance I have ever heard...Besides being a top-notch speaker and presenter who captures an audience, he is the meeting professional's best friend because he's a safe bet for your event."​

    -- Leslie Simpson, Events Manager, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

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